15,000 kids and counting!

Since the early days of child sponsorship, when Pastor Peter and Irene were caring for 20 children in a small home, they had a simple vision that still exists today. Provide Christian discipleship and assistance with school fees and access to health care.  The ministry grew rapidly from 20 to 60… to over 1,000 children.  During those years we partnered with Compassion International, but Peter and Irene had a belief that the best way to care for vulnerable children was through the local church.  It was then that we began the Child Development Program, which aligns a local church with a CDP staffed with 1 social worker for every 100 children.  This unique model has been replicated in 30 cities and villages throughout Uganda reaching over 15,000 children and currently serving over 6,000.

The foundation of our program is simple. Provide Christian discipleship and assistance with school fees and access to basic health care. The monthly fees provided by our sponsors assist in these three areas.

  1. Children’s discipleship programs offered through Center Days and through ongoing programs. The local church and CDP staff visit families on a regular basis and interact with the children enrolled in the program.  In some locations, we utilize the AWANA program.
  2. Assistance with school fees to help ease the burden of their parents.  We do not provide 100% of the fees, as the costs are too high. We also want to encourage and expect families to provide part of the costs so that we prevent unhealthy dependence.  School fees differ depending on where the families live but we strive to supplement the costs as much as possible.
  3. Basic medical needs can be covered for the children as needs arise. Some communities have healthcare clinics, which is a wonderful blessing to children and their families.  However, we often need to take children to a nearby clinic or utilize donated medicines and other resources.

Our sponsorship program has touched the lives of over 15,000 children, many who are now working througout Uganda in a variety of jobs and professions.  Over the past 30 years Peter and Irene, and our staff, have celebrated graduations, baptisms, weddings, childbirths and many other joyful occasions with CDP alumni!  You too can share in these special events as you journey through life with a child in Uganda by sponsoring today.  It’s a joy and a privilige!


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