A Change Maker from South Sudan to South Sudan

Meet Tobby Kizito, a recent graduate of Africa Renewal University.  Tobby was a scholarship student from South Sudan and is planning on returning to his home country to serve in his local church, which is a testimony of his love for Jesus and his commitment to serving others.  As most of us know South Sudan is a difficult region of the world, yet Christianity has made great gains amidst strife, war, and persecution.  For many of us moving to South Sudan strikes fear in our hearts, but for Tobby it’s exactly what he’s called to do and wants to do; for the benefit of his nation and for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

At Africa Renewal University we are not only educating students for future careers, but making disciples of Jesus Christ who want to impact their corner of the world for His glory.  They study to show themselves approved not just for their professors, but for the Lord, and when they leave our campus they go prepared academically and spiritually.

Right now we have many students who need scholarships to attend our university and we want to encourage you to support them as they pursue higher education.  It costs approximately $200 per month, which is a small amount when you compare it to the high cost of education in America!  If you want to know more about our program and who you can help a student attend Africa Renewal University, please email Lauren at llambert@africarenewal.org

And pray for Tobby as he prepares to serve in his homeland of South Sudan.


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