A life of Hope and Joy (Lea Kisakye)

Thinking back to my childhood I remember a little bubbly Leah, adorable with big cheeks, going to work with her mum because she could barely afford a nanny.  My mum used to cook for Maranatha Christian School and my kindergarten was the kitchen ( but oh what love filled that kitchen place). I am told it is there I was taken to school because Mrs. Irene Kasirivu ( God bless her soul) was concerned about the safety of an infant hanging around the fireplace all day long. 

From that class, I was registered to the Africa Renewal Ministries Child Development Program (CDP) and my potential of being a star started shaping. My mother would have given the world for me to be whatever I wanted to be in the world but the burden was heavy on her. She most definitely would have given her life to see us go through school, but am also sure that in her heart was a prayer to God for help.  In His providence, God came through and most of my siblings were registered in the Child Development Program and we all right now are doing well.

Back then we would get shoes, mattresses, books, medical attention, Christmas gifts, and the immeasurable life lessons from the Center days, camps and Sunday school.  After joining Maranatha Christian School I had the blessing of being introduced to Jesus Christ. My Sunday school teachers loved me so much that I could barely wait for the next Sunday classes. All I felt while growing is love because the aunties at the CDP project loved me to great measures. It is here that I appreciate Aunt Sarah Serunjogi, Mrs. Harriet Kisaku Hellen, and Mrs. Jemima Male who were not only aunties at the CDP but also shapers of the lady I am today.

I was nurtured to be a child who knows her worth and who knew I was found worthy in Christ. To me, ARM was never about just access to education. It was far beyond that. It was family, celebration, writing stories of love and indeed bringing hope to life. Right now when I tread back to memory lane and think of the people I grew up with and how not so advantaged we were, yet blessed enough to acquire a seat at the table…I am humbled. I remember my primary 7 class in a small little village called Gaba, which was only known for its smelly fish and some prominent shrine of a witch doctor called mpola mpola (oh the fear I had for that place). We barely thought we would ever make anything out of our lives but now the story is entirely different.

Now my home town Gaba has doctors, pastors, lawyers, accountants, teachers and so on. Thank you Africa Renewal for making it easy for me to want to relate with my old friends because they all are people worthy of association because of you.  I can not help but imagine what would have become of us had someone not decided to stand for change and impact. I think some of us would have used our gifts and intellect to be some of the prominent, corrupt people in the country, maybe hooligans or any other undesirable thing.

I now work with Africa Renewal Ministries under the Leadership Development Department with the extraordinary and very wise Henry Muguluma as my boss. We work with the most amazing young adults in a program called Next Generation Leadership Program.  If this is not fulfillment then I am yet to be schooled.

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