A Kingdom building partnership!

Pader Community Church was established in the summer of 2012, birthed out of a heart to expand the presence of Africa Renewal Ministries in war-torn northern Uganda. Pader was a strategic location because it is the largest metropolitan area in its district and was also heavily affected by the war as a result of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), led by Joseph Kony.

Pastor Enoch, the lead pastor of PCC, came through Africa Renewal University as a student and was approached by ARM to help plant the church. After a lot of time spent in prayer, Enoch and his wife, Stella, moved up to Pader and have been faithfully leading and serving the community since 2012.

It is hard to put into words what we as a church partner have learned and experienced as I reflect back from my first trip to Pader in 2013. The vision for PCC started from humble beginnings where it’s first Sunday morning was under a rented and tattered tent. That quickly shifted to a traditional mud-brick and thatch roof structure until the roof caved in. The next attempt led to constructing a 200-seat gabled tin roof church and is still in ministry use. Today PCC sits on a 12-acre plot with a 500-seat worship center, 300 children sponsored through ARM’s Child Development Program, established Nursery and Primary School, and a full-size soccer pitch used for outreach to the youth in the community.

What you will also see if you make the journey north to Pader is excitement and building anticipation. Due to the generosity of folks from Austin Ridge, PCC is currently under phase two construction where multiple buildings are being erected: nursery and primary school block, and a 500 seat multi-use dining hall + children’s ministry space. The community is starting to take notice PCC is here to stay and God is doing something unique in and through “Community” aka Pader Community Church.

This was the vision and prayer from the beginning when visiting with both Pastor Peter and Pastor Enoch when Austin Ridge first started discussing a potential partnership. Our prayer was and still is that Community isn’t known for its infrastructure, but more importantly for its Gospel center teaching, disciple-making culture and heart to serve and reach their neighbor both near and far with the gospel. Scripture is very clear that the local church is God’s strategy of reaching the unreached and serving the vulnerable. We are grateful that Pastor Enoch and the staff also embrace this biblical mandate. It has been an incredible 8-year journey and we are excited to see what God has in store over the next 8 years.

Clark Richardson, Missions Director

Austin Ridge Bible Church

Medical Camps

Wentz Medical Center in partnership with Fellowship of Christian Unions (FOCUS) and KCCA- Kawempe Division held a five days Medical Camp at FOCUS, Mulago, Kawempe Division.  The main aim of medical camps is to increase access to basic healthcare services to communities Specifically, this medical camp sought to provide both preventive and curative treatment for common conditions in the community, create awareness, provide counseling and testing for HIV/AIDS, promote good oral hygiene, do tooth extractions and refer those who require specialized treatment to the relevant centers.

Furthermore, the medical camp provided opportunities to both medical and non-medical personnel to give back to the community by way of volunteering their time, energy and expertise. It is because of the input of everybody that this medical camp was a success.  It also help fulfill our mission at Renewal Healthcare System as we seek to…

‘‘empower individuals and communities to attain and sustain a higher quality of life through holistic care inspired by the Love of Christ’’

In addition to our mission statemetn we have 4 key mottos and 7 values that drive our culture at RHS.

Our Mottos:

  • We care, Jesus heals
  • Friendly professionals
  • Caring for community
  • Exceptional, affordable quality

Our Core Values:

  • Christ centered
  • Excellence
  • Team spirit
  • Timeliness
  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Partnership