Child Development

Through our development programs, ARM brings hope and renewal to vulnerable children. Each age-appropriate ministry focuses on discipleship, education, healthcare, and leadership.

Baby smiles at the camera.

Abandoned Babies

Rescue and restoration are at the heart of the ministry of Loving Hearts Babies Home. Here, abandoned infants are taken in and cared for while waiting to be placed in permanent homes or reunited with their families.

A baby in a highchair eats from a bowl.

Early Childhood Development Program

We nurture, disciple, feed, and clothe the most vulnerable toddlers in the slum areas of Kampala while mentoring and discipling their parents.

Child holds three dolls in his arms

Child Development Program

Through local churches across Uganda, the Child Development Program is developing the character, competence, and calling of thousands of children through discipleship and leadership programs while providing access to education and basic medical care.

Group of people in front of a house.

Bethany Children’s Village

In family-style homes, orphaned or forgotten children are nurtured, protected, and discipled in a loving environment while efforts are made to reunite them with family members or place them in permanent homes.

Group of children in colorful attire.

Mwangaza Children’s Choir

Reaching the nations with the gospel of love, hope, and peace, through Christian music, African dance, and drama, the Mwangaza (shining light) Choir is designed to enable gifted children to develop Christian leadership skills while worshipping God with their talents.