Community Outreach

We work through local churches to provide access to food, healthcare, church planting, and pastoral training.

Namutamba Church

Church Planting

Over 650 churches have been planted to the glory of God in obedience to His command that the body of Christ make disciples.

A woman carries a box on her head.

Mercy Network

This program engages with the most vulnerable in communities by providing food relief, offering skills in economic empowerment, and sharing the transformational message of the gospel.

A doctor helps a child.

Renewal Healthcare

We care. Jesus heals. Renewal Healthcare is a Christ-centered health system that empowers individuals and communities to attain and sustain a higher quality of life through holistic care.

Mobile Bible School

Mobile Bible School

Rural pastors and church leaders receive access to sound theological training and leadership skills development to bring lasting biblical life change in their communities.