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Embracing Children

At Africa Renewal, children are a core part of our mission. The children in Uganda today will be the next generation of leaders, and they are also some of the most vulnerable members of society. Through our Child Development Programs in conjunction with sponsorship opportunities, we are able to meet the needs of vulnerable children who would otherwise have no access to education and healthcare, and would never hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have programs designed to serve children from birth through 20 years old. 

Working through local churches across Uganda who identify the most vulnerable families and children in need of sponsorship, our Child Development Programs aid children by connecting them with sponsors around the world. We currently have 30 Child Development Programs that strive to develop character, competence, and calling for thousands of children through our programs.

For $40 a month, you can sponsor a child today, giving them access to basic healthcare so that when they are sick they have somewhere to turn, helping them with educational costs because school is beyond the means of their family, and providing the hope of the gospel through discipleship programs and leadership training at Center Days, Awana, Sunday School, and other activities, where every child is known, cared for, and shown the love of Jesus.

Join us in bringing hope in Uganda by sponsoring a child today!

Sponsor a Child, Transform a Life


Sponsor a Child

Early, Primary, and Secondary Children

NAM05267 Saul lives in Namutamba with his aunt. He is in nursery school and his favorite subject is math. Saul’s favorite thing to do is run.
DOB: 11/22/2018
GUL05365 Abigail lives in Gulu with her parents. She is in nursery school and her favorite subject is drawing. Abigail’s favorite thing to do is play.
DOB: 01/31/2018
NAM05532 Gloria lives in Namutamba with her mother. She is in primary school and her favorite subject is Mathematics. Gloria‘s favorite thing to do...
DOB: 11/04/2014

Loving Hearts Babies Home

Loving Hearts Babies Home was founded in 2009 by Africa Renewal Ministries in Kampala, Uganda. We currently serve as temporary care-giver to 30 children, fulfilling the scriptural mandate to care for orphans in their distress (James 1:27).

They are provided holistic care that ensures a safe place to live, medical and nutritional care, growth monitoring in a Christian environment, and reintegration with their family or other loving caregivers.

Early Childhood Development Program

Through this program, Africa Renewal nurtures, disciples, feeds, and clothes the most vulnerable toddlers in the slum areas of Uganda's capital city of Kampala, while also providing mentorship and guidance to their parents and families. Through our sponsorship program, we match toddlers who have been identified and admitted to the program with sponsors from partner countries.

Bethany Children's Village

Bethany Children's Village is a unique place where abandoned and orphaned children live in family-style homes.  Caretakers in each home nurture and care for the children, providing them with a loving environment until they are reunited with family members or placed in permanent homes.  This unique, family-style approach to orphan care provides a more seamless transition to regular family life for these children.

The Future Leaders of Africa

MUBJS05506 John lives in Mubende Jabez with his parents. He is in nursery school and his favorite subject is drawing. John’s favorite thing to do...
DOB: 12/04/2016
ARUA05184 Fortunate lives in Arua with her parents. She is in nursery school and her favorite subject is doodling. Fortunate’s favorite thing to do...
DOB: 08/16/2016
KAS05437 Abigail Kansiime lives in Kasangati with her mother. She is in nursery school and her favorite subject is drawing. Abigail’s favorite...
DOB: 02/26/2019