There are many communities in Uganda that have critical, unmet needs. Africa Renewal has chosen to work through local affiliated churches, reaching various communities across Uganda with aid. Through our partnerships with local churches and our variety of programs, Africa Renewal helps empower communities by sharing the hope of Jesus Christ and providing access to food, healthcare and education. Through careful planning and selection, we plant churches in strategic areas and provide pastoral training so the church may be a conduit of love to transform communities.

Communities of Hope

Africa Renewal instituted Communities of Hope, where U.S. churches are able to partner with Ugandan churches to support local communities. We currently have 30 locations, and approximately 12 have partners. When you partner with a Community of Hope, you are able to sponsor children in one location and support a community’s needs directly.

Church Planting

Church planting is a significant part of Africa Renewal’s model for bringing physical help and the gospel across Uganda. Since its inception in 1990, Africa Renewal has planted more than 650 churches which serve the needs of local communities. Our goal in church planting is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, equip communities with direct access to food and provide access to healthcare through our Renewal Healthcare network.

Renewal Healthcare System

Renewal Healthcare is a Christ-centered healthcare system empowering individuals and communities to attain and sustain a higher quality of life through holistic care. We started Renewal Healthcare in 2005, continuing to offer diagnostic treatment, basic surgical procedures and community health programs. We have one hospital, Wentz Medical Center and four clinics that service rural areas.

Mercy Network

Through Mercy Network, Africa Renewal engages with the most vulnerable communities by providing food relief, offering skills in economic empowerment and sharing the transformational message of the gospel. We work through Africa Renewal-affiliated churches and Children’s Hunger Fund to help these communities in need.


I’ve served with Africa Renewal Ministries in evangelism, church planting, and community development for almost 20 years now. I love ARM’s commitment to touch the whole person with the whole gospel through the local church.

Jose Z,

26 West Church, Oregon

The first time we visited Katovu everything seemed foreign and uncomfortable for the team. Once we met the people of Katovu Community Church, we fell in love with the people and today we truly view Katovu as our home away from home. The bond we share in Jesus Christ tore down cultural barriers and developed friends that will last a lifetime.

Ty B.,

First Bible Church Decatur, Alabama

Africa Renewals commitment of caring for vulnerable communities through the local church fits perfectly into our short term trip strategy. It has given our folks tangible ways to jump in, and serve alongside our friends of Pader Community Church. The change I’ve seen in the community since 2013 is a true God story, and a beautiful reminder the importance of the local church.

Clark R.,

Austin Ridge

Worshiping with in Uganda gave me a true taste of eternity, as a diverse group of believers joined together in unified worship of Jesus. And I take joy knowing that our small contribution was in service of a continuing long-term strategy to build up the Body of Christ in Uganda. I have never seen a short-term mission trip executed so well or so biblically, and that is thanks to Africa Renewal.


Austin Ridge