Graduation Day!

Africa Renewal University had its third graduation ceremony last Friday, September 20th. More than a hundred students graduated with certificates, diplomas and degrees in different fields of study, ranging from Theology to Ministry, Social Work, Community and Child Development, Health, Computer, and Disability Studies. The graduation was attended by leaders and members of churches, Christian organizations, local government officials, parents, guardians, and other stakeholders.

The students we graduated have been trained for one to four years. They went through our academic programs, our mentoring sessions, our community engagement life-skill sessions, and our chapel meetings. The students (now alumni) have been trained holistically and are ready to transform societies. Transformation is central in our business/ministry. The vision of Africa Renewal University is, “To be a premier Christian University focused on transformational leadership development for the church and society”.

We have received phone calls and reports from organizations and churches where our students carried out their internships. The reports were positive and uplifting for us as the University. As a result, other organizations have agreed to be receiving our students for internships every year; other organizations have employed some of our students. The repeated feedback we receive from organizations are summarized as follows: “Your students are very good not only in skills but also in morality. They know what they do and they do them well.” This is indeed a report of transformation!

by Dr. David Fugoyo, Vice-Chancellor

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