There are over 1,500,000 homeless children in Uganda, and although there are no official figures indicating the number of children abandoned every year, some believe it to be as many as 1 every 18 seconds.  Most of them are kept by the government or adopted by non-believers. However, our babies home receives 40 to 80 of these vulnerable babies every year.  Some are reunited with extended family or local families willing to raise them. In addition, many of these children have been adopted by Christian families through our international partnerships.

God places the solitary in families and gives the desolate a home…a father to the fatherless.

Loving Hearts Babies Home was founded in 2004 and currently serve as temporary care-giver to 30 children, fulfilling the scriptural mandate to care for orphans in their distress (James 1:27).   We provide holistic care that insures a safe place to live, medical and nutritional care, growth monitoring in a Christian environment, and reintegration with their family or other loving caregivers.

Saving lives by the Numbers

  • 350 abandoned babies cared for since 2004
  • 152 reunited with their families
  • 74 transferred to other institutions for further care
  • 45 placed into local foster families with intention to adopt
  • 50 international adoptions
  • 30 babies currently living in the home
  • 10 staff members and 5 volunteers
  • $12 – Daily cost for caring for an abandoned baby

The placement of abandoned children at Loving Hearts Babies Home has not slowed since opening our doors 15 years ago. Recently, authorities delivered to us a two-day old child that had been left in a trash heap. Others have been found on the side of the road or worse.  Your contribution can not only save a life, but offer hope to a child that can transform their entire future.

Ways to Give

  • $300 provides 1,000 diapers
  • $500 provides a new blanket for every child
  • $1,000 ensures 5 full-time caregivers for one month
  • $1,200 sponsors a crib for an abandoned baby for one year (or $100 per month)
  • $3,600 provides all of a child’s needs for one year (or $300 per month)