One More Child Campaign

My wife Lydia and I are grateful to be sponsoring 17 year old Aaron Ogenrwot from Gulu. A few months ago we became aware of the great need for sponsors in another community, so we sponsored Angel Ainembabazi, who is 8 years old and lives in Katovu.  We are so happy to be sponsoring both of these children and look forward to meeting them very soon. As we thought about our decision we wondered if other sponsors would join us in sponsoring one more child in Uganda. We know the need is great, as there are thousands of children longing for education their parents can’t afford and health care costs keep going up as well. And of course, children and their families need to hear the hope of eternal life in Jesus Christ. Because of these realities and the generosity and prosperity of so many in America, we believe that many of our sponsors would be willing to say YES to one more child. So today we are launching the Africa Renewal…


Sponsorship Campaign

In an effort to touch the lives of more children throughout Uganda and strengthen our Child Development Program, we are inviting our current sponsors to join Lydia and me in sponsoring…. ONE MORE CHILD. You can simply click on the Sponsor a Child button below and select a child from the list. Their profile will be added to your account and you can begin writing them immediately. And trust me… they will be so excited to hear from you! 


If you are NEW to Africa Renewal we invite you to join us in sponsoring ONE MORE CHILD as well, and help make a life-changing difference for a vulnerable child and their family. For almost 3 decades Africa Renewal has been giving HOPE to children in Uganda.

  • Hope they can attend school and expand their possibilities.
  • Hope they will be transformed by the power of Jesus Christ.
  • Hope they will receive the vaccines and medicines that can save their life.
  • Hope they will achieve their dreams!

For just $40 a month you can give hope to children and families by sponsoring a child TODAY. Your generous gift each month will…

  • Help cover the rising cost of education
  • Provide much needed healthcare services
  • Enroll them in AWANA and other programs that share the hope of Jesus Christ.

You can click on this link to sponsor a child. We will send you a sponsorship packet with the child’s picture and information, and he/she will be writing you a letter very soon. Be sure and reach out to them with encouraging words of blessing!


This act of kindness and generous compassion that sponsorship provides captures the heart of the gospel as it extends a tangible act of love to vulnerable children.  Whether you are new to Africa Renewal or have been sponsoring a child for many years, we thank you for prayerfully considering sponsoring ONE MORE CHILD!

Hope is Rising!

Jay Mathis, US Executive Director

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