Rescued from a Pit Latrine

Awesome was rescued March 17, 2017 from a hole dug out of the ground for a toilet. He was taken to the emergency room for diagnosis and treatment. Once released, a Probation Officer placed Awesome with Loving Hearts Babies Home (LHBH) to provide him care and protection, and the love of Christ. You may wonder… Where is he now?

We are happy to announce that Awesome has been placed with a loving family from Germany and is doing very well! His journey has been a miracle, and while it is unbelievable to most of us, there are many children just like Awesome. Abandoned at birth on the side of the road, a trash heap, or on the porch of a neighbor.  Left for dead if not for God’s gracious intervention, utilizing the police and the sacrificial work of the staff at Loving Hearts Babies Home.  It’s truly a place of hope and a life-saver for so many little babies!

Loving Hearts Babies Home is considered a premier baby home in Kampala, which is why police and probation officers often bring abandoned babies to Loving Hearts, as they know they will be cared for well and possibly reunited with a family member.  For many years LHBH coordinated adoptions with foreign visitors, but a few years ago the government ended that program, citing unwarranted and unfounded reasons.  However, we know that there are 56 happy, healthy children being raised by loving families in the United States and we hope the laws will change soon.

In the meantime, LHBH staff works tirelessly for the reunification of the children with parents or extended family members, as well as local adoptive families.  Our Renewal Healthcare Medical Director, Dr. Martin Nkundeki and his wife, adopted a baby boy from LHBH as have many other Ugandan families.  If you want to participate in helping other Uganda families adopt from Loving Hearts Babies Home please contact us.

It’s our belief at LHBH that reintegrating babies with permanent loving safe families provides proper brain development, good attachment, and bonding, a sense of security, belonging and identification, and a family environment that affirms Christian values.  This helps instill character traits and values that produce better future leaders and a stable nation.

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