As we seek to build Communities of Hope in Uganda, there are many opportunities for teams to serve and spread the gospel to those who don’t know Jesus.

From sports camps with children, to Medical Missions, we can design a trip that will be a blessing to Uganda and your team members.

Beginning with the 2020 trip season, all trips will be scheduled through the USA Country Office. We will plan, train and send teams so that our staff in Uganda can focus on what they do best –– hosting teams! We will only host three teams at one time, so for more flexibility in scheduling, please book dates with us at a minimum of six months in advance. We are already scheduling 2020 trips now.

You can submit a request by emailing us at

Mission Trip Testimonials

Traveling on mission trips to serve alongside our friends at ARM continues to encourage me and bring such joy. With each team I have seen God use each team member and uniquely and creatively, as only God can do, connecting their hearts and passions to specific aspects of the ministry.


Generations Adoptions, Texas

I never thought of myself as the kind of person who would go on a mission trip. When my family began sponsoring two children in 2012 I had a change of heart. I decided that I would go with our team to Mukono to meet our sponsored children. The trip was a life changing event for me. I realized that no matter how far away or how different we are, God loves us all the same. I am ever so glad for the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christ.

Joan A.,

New Life Church, Ohio

The trip I made to Pader, Uganda with Africa Renewal is everything a short-term mission trip should be: a group foreign believers partnering with an established local church to support a locally-led evangelistic project as part of a long-term relationship between churches. It was an honor and a privilege to serve my brothers and sisters at Pader Community Church and support their young adult outreach conference.


Austin Ridge

Mission Trips

At Africa Renewal, we offer Mission Trips for you to come and serve at one of our Ugandan locations. We will work with team leaders to plan a trip that matches the unique gifts and talents of the team members, with the needs of those that you will be serving. We encourage you to bring a team to Uganda from your church, business, friends or family.

If you want to take a team or would like to join an existing team, contact us at and let’s start a conversation. We are so excited to hear from you.

Vision Tours

If you want a more personalized look into the work of Africa Renewal in Uganda, a Vision Tour may be right for you. We offer in-country tours of our facilities intended for smaller groups to give our partners a full view of the impact Africa Renewal’s programs have on Uganda. Vision Tours are also an opportunity for people to meet their sponsored child.

If you’re interested in joining us on a Vision Tour, contact our team at and to customize an experience for you.

Contact us today to schedule or request more information