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Belinda Akullu

Belinda is from Gulu. When she was a young girl, her single mother died, and she and her younger sibling were taken in by their uncle to be raised with their cousins. Belinda’s uncle had a very large family with many children to care for, so her chances of being able to receive a quality education were very small. Fortunately, Belinda had the opportunity to join Africa Renewal’s Child Development Program and received a sponsor.

Through the sponsorship program, Belinda was able to go to school. The staff mentored, discipled, and encouraged her in her studies. Belinda began to attend church, and her cousins started coming with her as well. As she grew and learned more about God and experienced the Lord’s love through the program, Belinda came to know Christ at an early age and has continue to flourish in her journey of faith.

When Belinda graduated from high school, she was recognized as a leader in her community and given the opportunity to attend our Transformational Leadership Training and join our university-level Next Generation Leadership Program. Although she was nervous that the training would be difficult, her experience at TLT had a major influence on her. She engaged in community service and developed leadership skills, but one of the most impactful aspects of the training taught her about the importance and power of forgiveness. Belinda had carried a burden of resentment against her father since her childhood, and through TLT, she was able to process and work through that weight and heaviness and forgive him.

Belinda is incredibly grateful for the opportunities she has received through Africa Renewal’s programs and says that her involvement has positively impacted her entire family. In order to attend university and continue her education, Belinda needs a new sponsor. Even though she has been waiting for over a year to be able to start her university studies, she has been faithfully involved in supporting the community this whole time. The NGLP staff affirm her leadership abilities and are advocating for her support.

In Belinda’s own words: “The skills and resilience keep pushing me ahead. I am very sure that He who began a good work in me will bring it to the desired end.”


DOB: 06/17/2000