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Ismail Musulo

BUL28232 Ismail comes from a blended family background with many siblings from both his mother’s and father’s sides. His mother was young and still in school when she became pregnant with him. Ismail’s parents eventually separated because his mother would not convert to Islam. Later, his mother separated from his stepfather because he was unfaithful and started another family with another woman. Now, Ismail and his siblings and half-siblings live with their mother in a one-room home.

The pain of these experiences and failure to provide has been a heavy weight on Ismail’s family. Eventually, in 2009, Ismail’s mother was able to register him in Africa Renewal’s Childhood Development Program and he received a sponsor. Through involvement in the program, he has learned and grown so much. In a time of physical and spiritual need, God has provided for Ismail through the project, bringing him hope. “If it wasn’t for the project, I would be on the street among the drug addicts.” Not only has he gained skills and learned ways to care and provide for himself, but the mentoring he has received has moved him from identifying with the Muslim faith of his father to explore Christianity. Ismail often misses his father and feels a sense of loss, knowing that his father could have supported and provided for him but has chosen not to. However, he expresses great gratitude for the ways that the program has filled that space. “Through discipleship and Bible classes, I was privileged to meet and know about Jesus Christ and through this I decided to take Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior.”

Ismail wants to study clinical medicine. His desire is to serve God through treating and caring for the sick people in his community. He sees service as a life calling, giving meaning and fulfillment to his life out of an overflow of gratefulness for the ways that God has provided through the program.

In Ismail’s own words: “Spiritually, my foundation in Christ has been refined and how to make my communication to God effectual through praying. I also received a new chapter of character in my life and new friends across the country. I praise the Lord.”

DOB: 12/04/2001