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Jemimah Kwagala

NG24923 Jemimah lives in Gaba and is the third of five children. Her parents did not have the privilege of receiving an education which made it difficult for them to find jobs. They struggled to provide the most basic necessities and were not able to afford to pay for school fees for their children. Thankfully, Jemimah was able to be enrolled in Africa Renewal’s Child Development Program and received a sponsor. This allowed her to go to school and to be enfolded into a supportive community that demonstrated Christ’s love to her and her family.

Through program activities, Bible studies, and the discipleship of the staff, Jemimah learned what it means to have a relationship with God and gave her life to Christ. She describes this foundation and development of her spiritual life as the greatest gift that she has received through sponsorship. The program also helped Jemimah to grow academically, graduating from the advanced level of high school, and socially, teaching her confidence in communicating her ideas and relating to others. Gaining self-esteem in her interactions with people gave Jemimah a platform for serving and living a Christ-like life. Because she was recognized as a leader in her community, she had the opportunity to attend our Transformational Leadership Training (TLT). This training solidified within her the meaning of living with purpose. Jemimah became a champion of the TLT program among her peers, encouraging them to attend activities because she recognized the importance of gaining an understanding of the unique ways that God has gifted each person, equipping every student to be a source of transformation in their own context. She thanks God for how he has provided for her and for the ways that He has transformed her life through the programs at Africa Renewal.

An NGLP sponsorship would give Jemimah the chance to go to university. She has dealt with her own health struggles with asthma, often needing treatments for her on-and-off asthmatic attacks, so she understands what it is like to receive assistance and much needed care. Jemimah hopes to study public health because she wants to help others in the same way that she has received gracious support.

In Jemimah’s own words: “As a public health student, my heart really beats for my community. I want to really help people overcome their various health problems.”

DOB: 11/17/2003